Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Honey


Hanson Bay Sanctuary Honey from Kangaroo Island Australia is possibly the world’s purest honey.


Unique Location with Iconic status

Kangaroo Island (KI) is 100 miles long and 20 miles wide at its widest point. It is a pristine wilderness that offered protection to substantial populations of native fauna and flora. It is considered Australia’s Galapagos. Only 50% of the land was cleared and 33% is now preserved in the National Park system. There are 891 (and still counting) species of native plants including 60 orchids. It has a Mediterranean climate.
KI is widely promoted as a premium eco-tourism destination both nationally and internationally. KI’s rich waters and fertile land produce some of Australia’s finest gourmet foods.


Unique History


Legislation was passed in the South Australian parliament proclaiming KI a ligurian bee sanctuary in 1885 and was strengthened in the Apiaries Act of 1931.This legislation is still in force today. 150 years of honey production.


Unique Product

The KI Ligurian bees (Apis mellifera ligustica) are believed to be the last pure remaining stock of this bee found anywhere in the world, naturally protected by the Island's marine boundary and by legislation. Ligurian bees are prized for their docile and industrious natures, producing a superb range of honeys as well as pollen and propolis. Mated queen bees are exported world-wide. The KI bees are considered a valuable pure genetic pool for breeding purposes. No chemicals, antibiotics or pesticides are used in our honey production. Our honey comes from permanently positioned all wood hives (no plastic foundation or frames)   


Purity: Australia is Varroa mite free


The varroa mite, Varroa jacobsoni, is considered to be the most serious honey bee pest world-wide and is a cause of colony collapse. It now occurs on all continents except Australia. First recorded in Russia in 1942, it was detected in Germany in 1977 and Wisconsin in 1987 and then spread rapidly throughout the USA including Hawaii! It is now considered a world-wide ex Australia epidemic .
Eradication is not considered possible, chemical control typically involves use of pyrethroid, fluvalinate or an organic phosphate.


Purity: Hanson Bay is a pristine wilderness location


The Hanson Bay area is listed on the register of the National Estate.
20,000 acres, 90 % old growth coastal heath and forest, the balance is native grassland. Our hives do not move from this location and in fact they are seldom moved at all. Hanson Bay is bordered by the Southern Ocean and 500,000 acres plus of parks and conservation land.
400 native plant species including 40 endemic (found only on KI)
Since 1997 the land has been operated as a wildlife sanctuary (no fertilizer, pesticide, weed killer).


Purity: Kangaroo Island is pristine


Hanson Bay is located at latitude 36 degrees south. The prevailing winds and weather come from the south- west. The next land mass is Argentina or Antarctica so the air and rain water are some of the cleanest in the world!