To help make your stay with us extra relaxing; why not let us cook for you! Just let us know a week in advance, prior to your stay and we will magically have it ready for your arrival. All our food is prepared here in our kitchen and we incorporate as much island produce as we can.

Dietary requirements available on request.


2 people / 2 days - $80 / per order

  • Eggs - 4 free range eggs

  • Bacon - 4 rashes OR REPLACE Bacon & eggs with our House baked Quiches and Muffins

  • Muesli - 350g homemade

  • Milk - 1L Fleurieu Milk Company

  • Bread - Kangaroo Island D’Estrees Bakery Mini Loaf

  • Yoghurt - 500ml Fleurieu Milk Company

  • Fruit - Fresh seasonal

  • Honey - 60g Hog Bay Apiary

  • Jam - 120g Ildoura Quandong Jam

  • Juice - 1.5L Orange Juice

  • Butter - 100g


2 people / 1 day - $50 / per order

Choose 1 item group from the following selection:

  1. Home baked sweet potato, caramelised onion Quiche with fresh seasonal salad & KI Honey Mustard dressing / Delicious chocolate fudge cake

  2. Marinated Chicken Salad with fresh herbs, beans / Orange & Almond meal Cake

  3. Fresh soup of the day with Turkish Bread. / Carrot Cakes

  4. Vegetable Platters with homemade hummus, guacamole & salsa / Fresh Fruit cups with Honey Yoghurt


$45 / per person per main & dessert

Choose 1 main and 1 dessert from the following selection:

Minimum is 2 of each selection when ordering for 2 persons.


  1. Slow cooked Island Lamb Shanks with red wine & rosemary served in baby spinach, bean mix & creamy potato mash

  2. Hanson Bay Homemade Beef Pies served with a mixed lettuce & Bean Salad

  3. Moroccan Lamb, slow cooked & with fragrant couscous

  4. Tender Butter Chicken Curry with poppadums, rice & Indian Condiments

  5. Deluxe South Australian Barbeque packs with homemade Salads


  1. Chocolate Fudge Cakes with cream & strawberries

  2. Orange & Almond meal Cakes

  3. Fruit Crumble with honey ice cream

  4. Fresh Fruit Cups with mint & honey yoghurt

  5. Meringue with sticky figs & cream

Dietary requirements available on request.