Nature Lovers Walks. Louise Fairfax reviews the KI walking trail


"I feel I’m thus qualified to place a judgement on this track, and my verdict is that it can hold its head high."

the diversity of scenery is thrilling, from scrubland of taller eucalypts to coastal mallee sections, a fabulous river mouth as the Rocky River enters the sea

the diversity of plants  a .... list of the (45) wildflowers

the diversity of sea and air



"Australia boasts many fine long-haul walks, but few are livelier than this five-day,66 km coastal track. It barrels along a remote shoreline where the juiciest prize is the stride-by-stride sensation of being in cahoots with wildlife. Few other Australian walks lure you into such proximity with so many species – be they on land, or in the sea or air."

The trail passes Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and the cabins make a great place to stay if you want to walk the trail but do not wish to sleep in a tent.

New York Times Travel Wild Australia itinerary features western KI

We suggest one change to this itinerary.  When visiting KI stay at the western end of the island. This gives you many advantages including access to Flinders Chase at dawn and dusk, the experience of night time in a wilderness setting as opposed to a town and the option of taking our nocturnal walking tour.  Remember the majority of Australian wildlife is nocturnal.

The endangered green carpenter bee (Xlyocopa aeratus) found at Hanson Bay

Local Kangaroo Islander and Organic Bee Keeper Mr. Michael Guersen and Ecologist Dr. David Ellis have confirmed the presence of the endangered green carpenter bee (Xylocopa aeratus) at Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.  This large and colourful bee lives for more than a year. Sadly it is extinct in mainland Australia with the exception of a small area around Sydney. Learn about the bee and its habitat.

Bookings open for the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

The trail passes through Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. If you do not wish to sleep in a tent there are two options for walk in walk out accomodation on the trail: Hanson Bay Cabins and Southern Ocean Lodge. Hanson Bay Cabin guests have special trail priviledges. We can arrange 1 day, 2 days and 3 days of walking on the trail.  Contact us for details.

Bookings for the trail can be made at